Music Center for PC

How to use the transfer screen (Music Center for PC Ver.1.0)

This section describes the transfer screen.

Connect the WALKMAN® to the computer and click [Transfer to Device] (A) in the left pane. The transfer screen will appear.

Screenshot of the transfer screen. For details on each item, refer to the body text.
  • (B) [Import to Library.]

    You can import songs from the Walkman to the library of “Music Center for PC”.

  • (C) [Transfer to device/media.]

    You can transfer content from “Music Center for PC” to the Walkman.

  • (D) Selection menu for connected devices

    You can select a connected device that you want to designate as the destination.

  • (E) [Close this list.]
  • (F) Content list (Walkman)

    Content saved on the Walkman is displayed here.
    You can also select or delete content by using the following buttons.

    • [Select all]:
      You can select all the content displayed in the list at once.
    • [Delete all selected items]:
      You can delete the content displayed in the list.
  • (G) Capacity display area

    The free space on the Walkman is displayed here.

  • (H) [Transfer settings]

    You can display the [Walkman transfer settings] screen.
    You can configure the settings for the transfer mode for songs, etc.

  • (I) [Cancel]

    You can cancel the transfer.

  • (J) Status display area

    You can check the number, file size, and transfer progress of the content displayed on the left side of the screen here.