Music Center for PC

Backing up “Music Center for PC” data


  • Exit all software other than the “Music Center for PC” backup tool.
  • Do not put the computer in an inactive state, such as sleep mode, while you are saving a backup copy.
    The data may be lost or the backup may fail.
  • The larger the size of the content, the longer it will take to finish the backup.
  1. Select (Menu) on the upper left of the screen, and then select [Data backup] from the [Tools] menu.
  2. Read the displayed information thoroughly, and select [Next].
  3. Select [Browse...], and specify the save destination for the backup data on the displayed screen.

    Specify the save destination and select [Select Folder].

  4. Be sure to confirm that the selected save destination is displayed for "Backup data save destination:".
  5. Enter a name for the backup data.

    A folder will be created with the backup data name in the specified save destination.


    • Writing down the save destination of the backup data is useful when you need to restore the data.
  6. Select [Next].
  7. Confirm the displayed information, and select [Start].
  8. After the data backup operation is completed, select [OK].


If you are using "Music Center for PC ver.2.1.0", check the following method.