Music Center for PC

Shortcut key list

Keyboard shortcut
The button displays help information.
The button refreshes the screen display.
F6 or Ctrl + P
The button plays or pauses a song.
The button stops a song.
The button turns the sound on or off.
F9 or Ctrl + Down arrow
The button decreases the volume.
F10 or Ctrl + Up arrow
The button increases the volume.
The button displays the [File] menu.
Alt + F4
The button closes the screen that is currently being displayed or terminates the operating application.
The button deletes a selected item.
Ctrl + A
The button selects all the songs in the content list.
Ctrl + Shift + A
The button cancels all song selections.
Ctrl + C
The button copies selected text on the editing screen.
Ctrl + E
The button ejects a disc from the CD drive.
  • Depending on the CD drives, you may not be able to eject the disc.
Ctrl + F
The button moves the cursor to the input area for keyword searching.
Ctrl + N
The button creates a new playlist.
Ctrl + Shift + N
The button creates a new playlist from the selected songs.
Ctrl + O
The button displays the [Import File] screen. You can select and import songs from a computer to “Music Center for PC”.
Ctrl + V
The button pastes text that you have copied or cut onto the editing screen.
Ctrl + X
The button cuts selected text on the editing screen.
Ctrl + Right arrow
The button plays the next song.
Ctrl + Left arrow
The button goes back to the beginning of the song that is currently playing.
Esc or Backspace
The button moves one layer up.


  • In some cases an operation different from the function of a shortcut key set on “Music Center for PC” may be executed because depending on some computer manufacturers, their functions assigned to the function keys have higher priority.