Music Center for PC

Dividing songs

You can divide one song into two songs.

  1. Select a category under [My Library] in the sidebar.
  2. Click [] for a song that you want to divide in the content list, and then select [Edit song] – [Divide…].

    The [Divide] screen will be displayed and playback of the selected song will start.

  3. Decide the position from which divide the song by moving the [Step 1] slider, and click [Division points].

    Rehearsal playback will repeat from the position where you selected [Division points].
    If you want to reset the dividing position, click [Retry].

  4. Make fine adjustments to the dividing position by moving the [Step 2] slider.

    To adjust the dividing position, drag the playback position slider to the left or right, or click [-] or [+].


    • The actual dividing position may shift slightly from the set dividing position.
  5. Click [Divide].

    The song will be divided.
    “_1” will be added to the end of the title for the first half of the divided song. “_2” will be added to the end of the title for the second half of the divided song. Change the song title if necessary.