Music Center for PC



  • If you are using a WALKMAN® that arrived in stores in or before December 2013, you should switch the file transferring mode from MTP to MSC before using “Music Center for PC”. For details, refer to the column “Transferring music files” under “WALKMAN®” in Supported Devices. If necessary, follow the steps under “Switching the file transfer mode” to switch the file transfer mode.
Download “Music Center for PC
  • Compatible OSes: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1
  • Release date: 2020-01-16
  • File size: 109 MB (109,119,400 bytes)
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Downloading is free of charge.

Update information

  • 2.2.1


    • To users using the Walkman® NW-A100 series and NW-ZX500 series

      To improve connection stability, please update Music Center for PC and the onboard software of your product to the latest versions. If either one of these is not using the latest version, you may not be able to connect Music Center for PC to your Walkman.

    ■Main Update Details

    • Improved connection stability for Walkman NW-A100 Series and NW-ZX500 series
    • Other operational stability and performance improvements

Past updates

System requirements

  • Windows® 10 Home / Pro (November 2018 Update (version 1809) or later)
  • Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 8.1 Pro
  • Processor with 1.66 GHz or more
    2 GHz or more are recommended for playback of High-Resolution Audio content
Required memory
  • Windows 10: 1 GB or more (32 bit) / 2 GB or more (64 bit)
  • Windows 8.1: 1 GB or more (32 bit) / 2 GB or more (64 bit)
Internal storage (HDD/SSD)
  • Free space: 400 MB or more
    The required free space may differ depending on the version of Windows or in proportion to the amount of audio files.
  • Resolution: 1024 × 768 dots or more
  • Color: High Color (16 bit) or more
Media drive
  • A media drive that is compatible with digital playback using a WDM system
USB port
  • Sony does not guarantee the operation of a USB jack extended with a hub in combination with audio devices that are not operation-certified.
Internet connection
  • To use the audio CD database service (Gracenote)


  • This application is provided for users of supported audio devices manufactured by Sony.
  • The computer should meet the system requirements above at a minimum. Sony does not guarantee operation on all computers even if they meet the above system requirements.
  • If the Windows Service Pack is not guaranteed to operate in the current environment, update the Service Pack to the latest version.
  • The application is not supported in the following environments:
    • Environments that are upgrades of the original manufacturer-installed operating system
    • Personally constructed computers or operating systems
    • Retail brand computers
  • If there is not enough free space on the HDD/SSD, delete or move unnecessary files. The free space may increase.
  • To download the application, fees may be charged (e.g. telecom rates). The fees depend on your internet connection method, contract with your internet provider, etc.
  • Sony bears no responsibility under any circumstances whatsoever for direct or indirect losses that occur due to the use of this application.
  • The supplied application is protected by copyright. You may not copy and redistribute the application or use it for purposes other than those defined by Sony.
  • The application may not operate correctly in the following situations:
    • When two or more USB devices are connected to the computer.
    • When a device is connected using a USB hub, USB extension cable, or USB terminal supplied with the keyboard.